Saturday, February 2, 2013

Farm cake!!

My little boy turned 2 a couple of months back and this bright and colourful farm themed birthday cake was made by his mommy with oodles of love!!!I'm completely,head over heels in love with much so that I can't stop looking at the pictures over and over again.I think I deserve a  pat on my back for this one!It took me three days to do the cake.I started off with the gumpaste animals  and thanks to all those wonderful tutorials on made my job so much easier.And here's a closer look at the animals one by one...

                                                           That's Betzy the cow...

                                 The show stopper sheep with a bug on its nose...shoo shoo!

                                                    The mama pig with her piglet...

                                    Here a chick,there a chick,everywhere a chick chick!!

                   The horse peeping out of the fence...coz I couldn't get the body right!Clever me!!

                                                The apple tree.Ain't that cute?

And that was Lil' Joe's farm cake.And I can't help notice that I'm getting better and better each time!