Wednesday, September 2, 2009


During high school days,I remember going through my mother's recipe books for something easy to make, when my eyes fell on the"NEVER FAIL CAKE".Without a second thought I decided to try it ,but it was an utter failure.I blamed it on the stale baking powder and made up my mind to give it another try the next day.But maybe the kitchen God was on a holiday or something because the outcome was disastrous once again.Frustrated but not willing to accept defeat,I tried again,desperate to get it right.But history repeated itself.In revenge,I grabbed Amma's recipe book and cut off the 'N' from the "NEVER FAIL CAKE" .That made it an "EVER FAIL CAKE".And thats how it stands to this very day!!!

But dont worry coz' thats not the recipe I'm going to share.This recipe was given to me by my sister-in -law and it is one of the easiest and best chocolate cake ever!The cake looks and tastes awesome and is great for beginners too as there are no confusions and complications.A very straightforward cake with a rich colour,texture and flavour.

Maida-2 cups
Butter-1/2 cup
Baking soda-1.5tsp
Cocoa-2/3 cup
Powdered sugar-1.5 cups
Vanilla essence-1.5 tsp
Curd-3/4 cup
Milk-1/2 cup
Seive flour and baking soda.Put the ingredients one on top of another starting with flour and ending with milk.Beat in medium speed for 3 minutes and on high for 30 seconds.Bake at 180 for 30 minutes or till done.

For the frosting
Icing sugar-2 cups
Cocoa-3 tbsp
Butter-5 tbsp
Vanilla essence-1 tsp
Milk-1/3 cup(or as needed)

Seive icing sugar and cocoa thrice.In a saucepan,melt butter,add icing sugar and cocoa mixture and vanilla essence.Blend together well and add enough milk to get the desired consistancy.Off flame,cool on ice stirring continuously and pour over cool cake.


  1. Wonderful Blog !!!
    I am so much inspired by u...u r doing such a good job....
    post all ur experiments and ur tasty dishes...i m sure here to try it out...

  2. Thank you nisha for the very first comment i got!!And yes,do try it all....they are all going to be tried and tested in my "cake factory"before posting and are easy(i really dont like to make complicated dishes).And....CONGRATULATIONS.....take care!!

  3. Wow i'm impressed ramya chechi!! will try this out soon..

  4. You realize now that the 'ever fail cake' can turn into the 'never fail cake' only when you you try and test it 'n' number of times. Paavam 'guinea chetan'.. ethra testing nadathanam.. pinne ee cakes parcel cheythu ayakunna system undo??

  5. Thank u neethu and subin for are u guyz??And hee hee subin,i'll let u know when my cake factory progresses to that stage.Until then its just the recipies brother!!

  6. which brand of chocolate powder do u use..can we use drinking chocolate pwd....

    1. You have to use unsweetened cocoa powder(cadbury's,hersheys,or any other good quality brands).Do not use drinking chocolate.

  7. hey Ramya... 2nd time huge success with dis one. 1st time was a lil bad... thanks. without the frosting though. maybe will try next time:-)

  8. Do you have the measurements in gms instead of cups.i dont have the 2/3 and 1/3 cup.


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