Sunday, January 15, 2012

A castle cake for my princess!!

I almost broke my new year resolution which was to feed my hungry blog with at least one post a week.I am late by a day and I blame it all on this cake!But I guess it is better late than least I have something good enough to blog about.
It was my daughter's seventh birthday on the first of January and since it fell in the midst of holidays and she wanted her classmates to be there for the party,we hosted a birthday party for the darling yesterday.And this was the b'day cake her loving mommy made for her!
Happy birthday Esha...cant believe you are seven years old!You are a wonderful child and a true princess.May God bless you always.Love you to bits!!


  1. Wow!This is jaw dropping Ramya! A true masterpiece!I bet your daughter's little party friends were all jealous about it. You could easily make cakes to order.
    Well done you!

  2. Happy Birthday Esha. This cake is too gorgeous for words. Bet the party went well.
    Thanks for your visit Ramya, good to 'meet' you. Diane

  3. Hats off Ramya.........Its superb and truly appreciative. Jemy's patience and your commitment brings out a great art in you. Easily you can start a cake shop in Bangalore. I am sure, its gonna be a hit.........Keep climbing new heights . new castles , new mansions and many more. Regards , Jayaram

  4. Wow that is truly fantastic. You are so patient and talented.

  5. This is absolutely mind blowing chechi...Hats off to you...i think u shud seriously start thinking of taking orders...jus supppppppppppppppppppppppppppppperrrrrrrb...

  6. Hi Remya..The cake is absolutely fantastic!!!!

  7. Superb... Fantabulous:-)

  8. Ramya....
    Superb!!!!!! Hats off to u dear!!!!


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