Monday, January 2, 2012

Cake decoration....The Wilton way.

My final cake for Wilton course 1.The classes were a lot of fun though it was a little too pricey.All materials for the course were not included in the kit.You still had to buy lots of extra stuff and they were quite expensive too.However I was lucky to have the very talented "REEM "as my instructor who ensured that the classes were super fun!!
This is my very first iced cake.You can clearly see my poor piping skills.To cover the cake smoothly with buttercream is not the easiest thing in the world!And the Wilton roses...ugh!What a pain!But on the whole the final cake was"okay" to look at.I'm glad I took the classes anyway.


  1. I did the Wilton course too - it's equally rewarding and frustrating! Those Wilton roses drove me mad too.

  2. O sally,u visited!!I'm flattered....just hit the moon!And it would be awesome to join the group...Will definitely check the link u sent for details.thanx again...


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